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You've seen the TV show. Now it's time to enjoy Deal or No Deal direct from the comforts of home. Here at 888games, the popular UK TV game show is brought to life with dazzling realism. Online casino players can enjoy a high-tech, stylish gaming platform featuring fascinating entertainment. Deal or no Deal captures the very essence of the TV show, with plenty of mega-paydays waiting to be won. Outsmart the banker and you could walk away a very satisfied customer!

26 Boxes and Plenty of Cash to be won!

Gripping Entertainment with Deal or No Deal
There are 26 boxes to choose from in Deal or No Deal. The goal of course is to pick a box at the beginning of the game, in the hope that it contains a mega-prize. If you’re eager to negotiate, this is the ideal game to do it. The banker will offer you cash in return for the surrender of your box; you decide if it’s worth it. This thrilling game always goes down to the wire – that’s why players love it so much. You are tasked with picking boxes to open, all the while hoping that the contents of your box are full of cash. Be on your toes; the banker is clever!

How to Play Deal or No Deal

Each of the 26 boxes contains a prize. At the outset, players must select any box – it doesn’t much matter which one, and put it aside. This box remains closed throughout the game, until the very end. Obviously, the trick is to pick the box with the biggest prize! Throughout the rounds in the game, you will need to pick boxes and remove them from the game. During each round, the banker offers you cash for your box – the fewer boxes remaining (with big money still unaccounted for), the bigger the banker’s offers. Remember, it’s Deal or No Deal on every offer from the banker. Go toe to toe with the banker and watch the offers increase to the very end!

selecting stakes screenshot in Deal Or No Deal slot

screenshot of Deal or No Deal slot

placing a bet screenshot of Deal or No Deal

Deal or No Deal Betting

Deal or No Deal players select their betting stake by using the ‘Stake Selector.’ The payouts increase substantially as the bet size is increased. The paytables can be seen on the left/right of the gaming window. The higher your betting stake, the higher your winnings will be. There are 2 basic box selection methods: Quickpick or manual select. As the rounds progress, players should select either Deal or No Deal, in response to the banker’s offers.

Strike it Rich!

The final offer from the banker takes place when only 2 boxes remain. Should you decide to reject the banker’s final offer, you’ll receive the contents of the box you selected to put aside. During the 1st round, 6 boxes must be opened. During the 2nd and 3rd rounds 5 boxes must be opened. During the 4th and 5th rounds, it’s 4 boxes and so forth. By the time the 6th round rolls in, it’s time for the final offer. Luckily all your winnings are automatically added to your bankroll – it’s that easy with Deal or No Deal at 888games.

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